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Gender Intelligence® is the understanding of the naturally-occurring characteristics that distinguish attitudinal and behavioral differences between men and women. By understanding these differences, we gain a better sense of gender-related tendencies that help explain how men and women think, act, and engage more effectively in the workplace.

The Benefits of a Gender Intelligent Culture




Real improvement in an organization’s culture involves learning how to recognize, value, and leverage positive changes. BeGenderIntelligent is an engaging, multimodal learning experience that allows you to share the exchange of powerful ideas and techniques with your organization.

The experience will:

• Illuminate the reasons behind how men and women think and react differently

• Explain how to overcome gender-based blind spots

• Provide hands-on opportunities to practice techniques and develop new skills


BeGenderIntelligent connects people in meaningful ways using deeply impactful, cloud-based learning that’s uniquely engaging. The learning experience is at the core. Available to access at any time on any device, the experience includes:

• Expert commentary from Barbara Annis, a thought leader in gender differences and diversity

• Video and audio stories of communication challenges

• Missions that send people off to practice, reflect, and share their original insights, building a community’s collective wisdom

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BeGenderIntelligent Partners

Gender Intelligence Group

Barbara Annis is a global practitioner in improving gender relations in the workplace. Annis first coined the term “Gender Intelligence” in the early 1990s and it has since become the global practice of the Gender Intelligence Group: helping companies become more effective and produce greater, more sustainable, results by seeking and blending the contribution of both men and women in unison.

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Read our F.A.Q’s