Women in Consumer Technology members question and answer with Founder, Carol Campbell


Question 1

How can I get involved?

Join Women in Consumer Technology and get involved in area(s) that fulfill what you have passion for and have the time to commit to. Network with other members online, post a good read or tip on the home page, join a Connect Circle, or join our members only mentoring program. These are just a few suggestions. Better yet, come up with an innovative idea for the membership and lead on!


Question 2

Does it cost anything to be a member of Women in Consumer Technology.

Our Connect Circles program is FREE! Anyone can sign up for our newsletter now. If you do decide to join, you will have access to our mentoring program and receive discounted rates to our popular events throughout the year plus new programs we haven’t even dreamed up yet! One year membership is $125; two year is $187 and three years is $250 (three years for the price of two).


Question 3

Can anyone be a part of Women in Consumer Technology?

Yes, we welcome you and your friends and colleagues, men and women, to participate as members online and at any of our events throughout the year.


Question 4

How do you pick affiliates you build relationships with?

We are always looking for partners who are focused on the same vision of empowering women, building networks and supporting career opportunities.